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Romà Infraestructures i Serveis is a construction company with more than 45 years of experience building unique and innovative spaces for our clients.

Our essence

Romà Infraestructures i Serveis is a construction company with more than 45 years of experience in the sector. We are committed to the development of constructive, sustainable and innovative solutions.

Our main activity is focused on the construction of civil works and building, following the highest standards of quality, design and service. We constantly work to achieve operational excellence, maximizing our own resources. For this reason, Romà Infraestructures i Serveis is a company with diversified and vertically integrated business lines, thus forming a unique service infrastructure.


In each work we build, we use innovative work processes and materials to guarantee the highest quality in the execution of the project.


We firmly believe in a job well done and in continuous improvement as a key factor in the success of our projects. For this reason, we follow precise planning and strict criteria in the deployment of resources.


We work with the best engineers, architects and interior designers who pay special attention to every detail, resulting in unique buildings and spaces.

Discover our divisions

We develop our activity through these six divisions.

Discover our divisions

We develop our activity through these six divisions.

Civil work


Civil work

We have over 40 years of experience in developing and delivering hundreds of civil works projects in Catalonia and Aragon.

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Our production capacity allows us to offer, in record time, efficient building projects for our customers, ensuring always the highest standards of quality solutions.

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Asphalt concrete


Asphalt concrete

In recent years, we have opted for the innovation of new procedures and techniques for obtaining bituminous mixtures that provide greater adhesion, durability and geometric regularity to our asphalt agglomerates.

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Our environmental management services range from collection to revaluation of waste. Thanks to our high degree of specialization and market knowledge, we are able to eliminate and minimize all the negative effects that construction waste can produce on society and the environment.

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Currently, we have a quarry in Alguaire and several distribution centers through which we extract and produce aggregates of different types and for multiple uses in construction.

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As a commitment to offer differential and integrated solutions in construction, Romà Infraestructures i Serveis provides a range of complementary services to our main activity. Acting as a global service operator and carrying out maintenance projects, road maintenance, signaling and equipment rental.

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Our closed cycle

We have developed a sustainable model that has given us the ability to open and close production cycles.

An initiative that consists in guaranteeing real sustainability, integrating all construction processes and ending with the recovery of construction waste, converted into alternative raw materials for new constructions.

1. Material manufacturing and construction of the work

2. Services and maintenance

3. Collection and transport of waste to our dumps

4. Waste management and valuation

5. Obtaining recycled aggregates for new use

This production approach has allowed us to make a leap towards a sustainable closed cycle industry, capable of offering products and services that increase the eco-efficiency of our projects, thanks to the minimization of the extraction of natural resources and the improvement of our environmental performance.

Buildings with unique identity

Our differential value lies in our ability to provide integrated and tailored solutions to the challenges of our clients in each phase of the project, from planning to execution. Likewise, we establish a direct and trustful relationship with all our clients to understand and satisfy their requirements, thus fulfilling all their expectations before, during and after the key delivery. The result? Buildings with unique identity.


In constant research

In Romà Infraestructures i Serveis we firmly believe in innovation as a lever to build buildings in a more conscious and intelligent way, using more efficient materials and energy sources that contribute more sustainably and safely to the progress of society.

For this reason, one of the main objectives that we pursue from the direction of Romà Infraestructures i Serveis, is to strengthen a culture of "Open Innovation" in all departments, in order to stimulate innovation and good practices in the sector, thus providing globally efficient solutions to the challenges presented by the sector.

Our commitment in Research, Development and Innovation matters revolves around three fundamental axes:


We are very aware of the high consumption of materials and energy involved in the construction of buildings and infrastructure. And consequently, the environmental impact it has. For this reason, our entire team is committed to researching and identifying new areas of improvement that contribute to improving the design and execution of our buildings for greater durability, modularity and reuse.


In our continuous work to improve our construction procedures, we carry out, with the collaboration of the different departments and agents involved in each work, the development and improvement of our own technology applied to the planning and design of works that have led to greater productivity of our team. In addition to these improvements, since 2017 we use the BIM methodology that allows us to unify the different processes that are carried out in our construction projects.


Our activity in environmental matters is focused on mitigating our environmental footprint, controlling the use of natural resources and raw materials, using recycled materials thanks to the implementation of sustainable models in our processes.

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Our history

The foundations of Romà Infraestructures i Serveis

Although we like our workers, customers and projects to speak for us, we want to get you little closer to the soul of our company.

Romà Infraestructures i Serveis, is a family business founded in 1974, born with the initial purpose of producing and selling aggregates.

However, our vision of the future and commitment to change, pushed us to evolve to offer global and integral solutions to our clients, resulting in an expansion of our business areas and thus becoming a global infrastructure builder and operator.

Our mission is to build innovative spaces that combine accessibility, comfort and sustainability.

Although in the last decade we have undergone several changes that focus the company towards a high degree of rigor and professionalization, Romà Infraestructures i Serveis remains a family business and family values based on honesty, closeness and customer orientation remain an integral part on our way of being and working.

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